Minimal Equipment Circuit

minimal equipment circuit workout

Hello from sunny Florida!

I traded in my toque and boots, for a bathing suit and flip flops this week. I’m spending the week with the family, just relaxing and taking it easy. Why is it that time goes by so quickly when you don’t want it to?

Its been great being able to sleep in (!!! which I never get to do at home), enjoy endless cups of coffee outside, go for bike rides, shop at target, watch Netflix, swim, and get in some great workouts like the circuit below. I don’t miss the cold at all.

Anyway – one thing that I am missing is my GYM. I miss the amazing group classes, the massive turf field, the sauna, and all the equipment I could ever dream of. The gym here is quite small, and usually quite busy. I found myself a room that I think is a yoga room (?), thats basically always empty to do some workouts in. Only problem is, there isn’t much equipment available. I created a minimal equipment circuit that basically anyone can do, anywhere, with just a yoga ball, 2 sets of dumbbells, and a yoga mat!

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Christmas in NYC

christmas in nyc

To me, Christmas really is the most wonderful time of the year. New York City is the most wonderful city, and my mother is the most wonderful travel buddy.

Last year, I suggested to my mother that we visit NYC around Christmas – different from our usual summer visits. It was a total game-changer. It truly makes the world around you feel Christmassy. We decided that this was going to be an annual Girls Trip, and so this year we kept the tradition going.

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Bite Beauty Lip Lab Toronto – Custom Lipstick Experience

bite lip lab

I was first introduced to Bite lipstick through my sister, Diana. She emerged ready for work one day, wearing this beautiful, satiny, pinky, brown. I loved it. She explained to me that it was a brand that Sephora started to carry and that they had all sorts of amazing shades. She also excitedly explained that Bite was opening a Beauty Lab in Toronto like it’s lab in New York where you could custom mix your OWN lipsticks. I love lipstick so much, almost to a fault. I can never have enough lipstick. So to be my own ~mad scientist of lipstick~ sounded like a dream. I was in. However, it ended up being a bit pricey once I performed some number crunching (aka, I could buy almost 6 lipsticks for the same price). I was out. Then my other sister agreed to split the cost of the experience as a birthday gift for Diana. I was back in. For her. But also for me. But mostly her.

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Tahini Crunch Energy Balls – GF, Low-Sugar, Vegan, and Paleo!

tahini crunch energy balls

It seems like nut butters are huge these days, and there are hundreds of types! From your classic peanut butter, to cashew butter, to some sort of birthday cake almond butter concoction. My personal favourite is the ol’ classic Nutella. However, for someone watching their sugar and trying to eat healthy, I don’t indulge in it very often. My healthier favourite these days is Tahini! It’s 100% ground sesame seeds, and it’s delightful. It’s also the base to a lot of great recipes, like hummus. Today, I’m sharing with you a NEW recipe using Tahini. It’s my Tahini Crunch Energy Balls!

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Back on the Wagon

Welcome to my first instalment of Fitness Friday! A peak into the workouts I do, and the food that fuels them.

I’m passionate about fitness, but it is very easy to put it on the back-burner while the craziness of every day takes over. I’m working to make my health a priority and my goal is to always be making positive changes. I strive to be gentle to myself and kind to my body, all while holding myself accountable.

Some days are easy breezy, and others are an uphill battle. But it is the constant commitment that will pay-off in the long run. Without health, what do you have?

So without much further ado…

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Flower Crowns – Easy DIY

Flower crowns are making their appearance everywhere. Just spend a few minutes on Pinterest, or browse your neighbours/cousins/friends wedding photos and you’re bound to see quite a few of these gorgeous bloom creations. Some are delicate, mixing pastels and blush florals. Some are bold, and their deep hues demand your attention. Some are made with fresh flowers, and some are not. The one I am making today is not. While I always prefer fresh blooms, these flower crowns can be made far in advance, and stand the test of time.

DIY flower crown

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Sugar Cookie Staple Recipe

This is your new go-to sugar cookie recipe. If you follow the steps below, you’re going to make yourself some beautiful, delicious sugar cookies that keep their shape. And then you can decorate them and impress everyone and live happily ever after.


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Was it really Fall if you didn’t go apple picking?

On the first day of fall, I wrote myself a “Fall Hitlist”. One of the things on there – to the surprise of no one – was apple picking. Apple picking is fun with friends and family, and a great date idea. The leaves are changing colours, you’re in the great outdoors, and you can eat as many apples as you want. Seriously. Nobody says anything. And thanks to the apple-a-day rule, you don’t have to visit the doctor for at least a year.* More time for activities!

apple picking

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