Flower Crowns – Easy DIY

Flower crowns are making their appearance everywhere. Just spend a few minutes on Pinterest, or browse your neighbours/cousins/friends wedding photos and you’re bound to see quite a few of these gorgeous bloom creations. Some are delicate, mixing pastels and blush florals. Some are bold, and their deep hues demand your attention. Some are made with fresh flowers, and some are not. The one I am making today is not. While I always prefer fresh blooms, these flower crowns can be made far in advance, and stand the test of time.

DIY flower crown

First things first – decide on a colour scheme for your flower crowns. For me, I was feeling deep reds and white accents. I think there are so many gorgeous colour combos, but a maximum of 3-4 colours is where I trust myself. After that point I may as well wear it with a tie die shirt, pushing a buggy full of snow globes.

Other than your silk flowers, you’ll need floral tape, wire cutters, wire and a glue gun.

DIY Flower Crowns

I measured the wire long enough to be the circumference of what I needed — plus a little more. I wrapped the wire around a few times, and curled the edges under the ring to close the loop. Then using the floral tape, I covered all point edges, as well as wound together different points along the ring.

DIY Flower Crowns DIY Flower Crowns

A tip when using floral tape: Its pretty stretchy. If you really pull and stretch it, it will get stickier. So you probably need less than you think!

After the base is ready, lay out your flowers around the ring. This is super helpful so that you dont just start gluing things and end up having to take things apart if you realize you dont love the way it looks!

flower crowns

Once your happy, get glue happy! I started with the front, and then moved in one direction. I overlapped the flowers slightly to leave no gaps.

DIY Flower Crowns

I slotted the tips of the cut silk flowers inbetween the wires with a bit of hot glue. Then kept working my way around. Every so often, I’d use the flower tape on some large bunches.

DIY Flower Crowns

We’re almost there!

DIY Flower Crowns

And done!

DIY Flower Crowns

You can wear it!!

DIY Flower Crowns

Orrrrrrrrrr…….. You could donate it to your pumpkin!

DIY Flower Crowns

Happy crown making!

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