How to divide a family: Pumpkins

Every year in the Bear house, we have a pumpkin carving competition. There is music, tons of spray paint, laughter, smack talk, prizes, and the ultimate chance to win bragging rights for an entire year.

We just keep getting better and better. Take a look at this year’s pumpkins.

pumpkin carving

There is always some healthy competition. We all tell each other that each other’s pumpkins look terrible and they’re going to lose. Then we get all the neighbours and my parents’ friends to vote and determine the real winner. Anybody who didn’t place first complain, and those of us who come in last make a stink until the next year’s competition.

Take a look at this year’s pumpkins:

Sugar Skull

sugar skull pumpkin

Winnie the Pooh

winnie the pooh pumpkin


E.T Pumpkin

Hamburger and Fries


Peter Pan and Tinkerbell

peter pan pumpkin

After we set them outside, we took a breather and went to do something a lot less stressful. Ha. We went to the Haunted Casaloma tour.

dsc01236 dsc01248 dsc01249 dsc01251

So it wasn’t THAT scary. But stuff jumping out at me definitely freaks me out, and there was plenty of that.

We returned home, voices sore from yelling, to our beautiful lit up pumpkins.


So, you ask, “why the drama?”


There was a first place.
There was a second place.

Please, we beg you, place your votes from 1st to 5th, because we need to know the truth.

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