Tahini Crunch Energy Balls – GF, Low-Sugar, Vegan, and Paleo!

tahini crunch energy balls

It seems like nut butters are huge these days, and there are hundreds of types! From your classic peanut butter, to cashew butter, to some sort of birthday cake almond butter concoction. My personal favourite is the ol’ classic Nutella. However, for someone watching their sugar and trying to eat healthy, I don’t indulge in it very often. My healthier favourite these days is Tahini! It’s 100% ground sesame seeds, and it’s delightful. It’s also the base to a lot of great recipes, like hummus. Today, I’m sharing with you a NEW recipe using Tahini. It’s my Tahini Crunch Energy Balls!

I came up with this recipe out of sheer desperation (if we’re being honest). I was craving something sweet really bad. It wasn’t the kind of craving where you could eat an apple and magically be all better. It was the kind of craving where you have approximately 1 hour to give in before you show a whole sleeve of cookies no mercy.

Not really wanting to bake, I decided to try making an energy ball treat. I used only ingredients I could find in my cupboard! They came out really delicious, and are so high in fibre. Eat one, drink some water with it, and be happy!

I used a 70% dark chocolate bar instead of chocolate chips to keep the sugar down – you can sub whatever you like here.

lindt dark chocolate

I also used Swerve, which is a no-sugar sweetner. I know the taste bothers some people, so feel free to sub this with equal amount of maple syrup or honey.

These are a low-sugar, gluten-free, high-fibre, vegan, paleo treat! They are nutrient dense but not a low calorie food. So enjoy them, but don’t toss em’ back like popcorn 🙂

tahini crunch energy balls


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Tahini Crunch Energy Balls
Energy Balls
Energy Balls
  1. Gather your ingredients! I use a generic tahini I found at No Frills. You can get them cheaper there than at a health food or other grocery stores. I like it better because it doesn't get rock hard, so its easy to work with.
    tahini ball ingredients
  2. Measure all your ingredients except for your sesame seeds and chocolate into a bowl.
    tahini ball ingredients
  3. Mix it all up until it is fully combined and comes together.
    tahini ball recipe
  4. Add in your chopped chocolate. Or chocolate chips if you chose to use those instead.
    lindt chocolate chopped
  5. Combine tahini mixture and chocolate, and then roll the mixture into balls.
    tahini energy balls
  6. Coat the balls in sesame seeds.
    sesame seeds energy balls
  7. Freeze the balls for 1 to 2 hours until firm. Then enjoy!
    tahini energy balls
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I’m currently storing mine in a tupperware in the freezer for the next time I need a fix!

I hope you enjoy these as much as I do, and that when your sweet tooth strikes, you’re well equipped to kick the crap out of it.


Lots of love,

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