Flower Crowns – Easy DIY

Flower crowns are making their appearance everywhere. Just spend a few minutes on Pinterest, or browse your neighbours/cousins/friends wedding photos and you’re bound to see quite a few of these gorgeous bloom creations. Some are delicate, mixing pastels and blush florals. Some are bold, and their deep hues demand your attention. Some are made with fresh flowers, and some are not. The one I am making today is not. While I always prefer fresh blooms, these flower crowns can be made far in advance, and stand the test of time.

DIY flower crown

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Sugar Cookie Staple Recipe

This is your new go-to sugar cookie recipe. If you follow the steps below, you’re going to make yourself some beautiful, delicious sugar cookies that keep their shape. And then you can decorate them and impress everyone and live happily ever after.


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Was it really Fall if you didn’t go apple picking?

On the first day of fall, I wrote myself a “Fall Hitlist”. One of the things on there – to the surprise of no one – was apple picking. Apple picking is fun with friends and family, and a great date idea. The leaves are changing colours, you’re in the great outdoors, and you can eat as many apples as you want. Seriously. Nobody says anything. And thanks to the apple-a-day rule, you don’t have to visit the doctor for at least a year.* More time for activities!

apple picking

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