Bite Beauty Lip Lab Toronto – Custom Lipstick Experience

bite lip lab

I was first introduced to Bite lipstick through my sister, Diana. She emerged ready for work one day, wearing this beautiful, satiny, pinky, brown. I loved it. She explained to me that it was a brand that Sephora started to carry and that they had all sorts of amazing shades. She also excitedly explained that Bite was opening a Beauty Lab in Toronto like it’s lab in New York where you could custom mix your OWN lipsticks. I love lipstick so much, almost to a fault. I can never have enough lipstick. So to be my own ~mad scientist of lipstick~ sounded like a dream. I was in. However, it ended up being a bit pricey once I performed some number crunching (aka, I could buy almost 6 lipsticks for the same price). I was out. Then my other sister agreed to split the cost of the experience as a birthday gift for Diana. I was back in. For her. But also for me. But mostly her.

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Toronto on a Friday with a $20 Budget

delissio pizza toronto

After a long week, my friend Katie and I had plans Friday night to grab some drinks and appetizers in the city after work. Katie proclaimed (jokingly, I think..) that her budget was $20. I asked her if she had ever even been out in Toronto before, and told her she needed to be a bit more flexible. For food AND drinks, you’re looking at upwards of $30. Toronto has a way of emptying your pockets. Here is the story of how Katie always gets her way….

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